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some of my most memorable client experiences have been on engagement shoots.
engagement sessions are a fantastic way to celebrate your 
engagement and to create imagery that defines an important period in your life as a couple. it is also a great way for us to get to know each other and build a relationship before your wedding day!


to make the most out of your engagement shoot I would like to offer some helpful tips below. if you have any further questions regarding your upcoming shoot, please get in touch with me, I am more than happy to talk anything and everything photography!


1 | Just relax and have fun!

your engagement shoot should be a fun and enjoyable experience. my style of photography is very much candid and natural and this works the best if you are having fun and just being yourselves. if you're not sure how to pose or act I will happily give you little prompts or direction, but for the most part just be you and I will snap away!

2 | dress for SUCCESS.


the attire you and your partner wear can make a big difference to the quality of the imagery. first I would strongly encourage you both dress in contrasting tones and colours. for example; if your partner wears a dark blue top, you could wear a light coloured yellow top. this photographs much better when your clothes don't blend together.  the other consideration to make is the location of your shoot and to ensure you don't dress in colours and tones that will make you blend in with the background. for example if your location is a forrest, don't wear dark green. or if your location is the beach don't dress in beiges or blues. the couple in the image to the right are a great example of how to dress for a shoot. they are wearing contrasting colours/ tones and stand out from their location. lastly, consider the style and tone of your shoot and how your dress standard can help communicate this. For example, if you're shooting on King Street in the Perth CBD, you may want to dress in formal wear, if you are at the beach you could go smart casual with no shoes, or if we are shooting in the country you could tie in rural elements by wearing boots or a cheque shirt. most importantly, dress in what makes you feel comfortable and reflects you! I am more than happy to give you styling tips if need be, please ask!

3 | Consider getting your makeup + hair professionally done.


I always encourage ladies to consider getting their hair and makeup professionaly done for their shoot. Your makeup artist will apply some makeup tricks of the trade to make your face photography extremely well and who doesn't love a bit of pampering! see my list of recommended makeup artists here.

4 | do some research.


I want to make you happy and deliver the best quality product possible. while I do undertake extensive location research and scouting, sometimes clients have particular ideas, spots or poses in mind that they want photographed. so to help me help you, please let me know if there is anything particular you would like done in your shoot. even if you do a quick google search of your spot and familiarise yourself with the location (if you're not familiar with it) and then advise me if there is anything you would like me to include in our shoot! Pinterest is a great place to start for ideas and inspiration.

5 | Pets are very welcome.


Incase you haven't already worked out from my website, I am a big animal lover. I welcome and encourage couples to bring their pets along for their photoshoot. Even if you don't want your pet in every photo, if you invite a minder along, they can assist by handling your pet while we take some sans fur kids shots. please note though,  if we include your pets, this does restrict us from shooting at certain locations. I am also more than happy to come to your house and shoot there, if your fury family member prefers the comfort of their own place!

6 | location, location.


Being able to shoot in a variety of wonderful locations, across our great state is definitely one of the highlights of my job. did you know however that certain locations and spaces within Western Australia require written permission and or a permit to undertake commercial work? kings park for example, requires the purchase of a $200 permit to shoot for one hour on their grounds. so while planning for your engagement shoot, please be mindful that there may be limitations on where your photoshoot can take place. in the planning stages I will advise of any location restrictions. if you still wish to shoot in a location that requires the purchase of a permit, the client is liable for this fee. however, please remember that there is an abundance of magnificent, unrestricted spots in our state that are priceless (in every sense of the word!) 

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